These Jobs Are At Risk Of Being Taken By Robots. Is Yours On The List?

We’re here to brighten up your Monday to tell you that by 2030 your job might be taken over by robots.

Jobs taken by robots

by Alyss Bowen |
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We’re here to brighten up your Monday to tell you that by 2030 your job might be taken over by robots. HURRAH.

Carl Frey, a director at Oxford University, has authored a study which suggests which higher earning jobs are likely to disappear, and robots could replace 250, 000 UK public sector jobs. He examined office jobs that pay £40,000 annually or more, and the results were pretty terrifying to be honest.

According to Frey: 'low-skilled jobs are most exposed to automation over the forthcoming decades, but a substantial number of middle-income jobs are equally at risk.’ London-based think tank Reform have weighed in, suggesting that these roles could be replaced within the next two decades, saving billions of pounds or businesses and organisations.

Insurance workers and estate agents might be in trouble, according to Frey’s findings they have more than a 97% change of becoming computerised, along with credit analysts. So essentially a computer could be managing your money in the next 20 years. Doesn’t that’s sound delightful? We think not. Postal service workers have a 95% chance, and lab technicians have an 89% chance of their jobs becoming automated.

It doesn’t stop there – accountants and auditors have a 93% chance, as do tube or tram operators. So in short, technology is going to steal our jobs and mean we have little to no human interaction by 2030. Think of any job that could be done by a computer – and it’s probably on this study. It’s hard enough going into Tesco and having to use the computerised check outs that don’t scan anything so you HAVE to call over the person working the area. Why oh why are they unable to sensor that you’ve placed the bag of lettuce into the bagging area?

Sat there all cosy as your desk tapping away doing admin stuff? A computer might be in your place soon. We’re scaring ourselves, and probably you – so let’s move onto the tiny shred of good news shall we.

Not all your jobs are doomed. Firefighters, dentists and doctors praise the lord, have less than a 1% chance of becoming computerised. The study suggests that roles in healthcare professions are at ‘low risk’ so all you dietitians, nutritionists, psychiatrists, pharmacists and podiatrists – you’re safe. Is it too late to go to medical school? Anyone...?

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