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With the job market more competitive than ever, initiative is called for to stand out from the pack.

And while most of us tend to write a quick "thank you" note after an interview, career experts warn that this standard courtesy is not enough to get the edge.

Alexandra Cavoulacos and Kathryn Minshew, co-founders of job-listings site The Muse, say candidates should prepare a brief sample project or report that picks up on a point discussed at interview stage.

In their just-released book, The New Rules of Work, the authors say this tactic will give applicants the extra boost needed to distinguish themselves in the eyes of their potential employer - especially in cases where the application process has been drawn out, with multiple interviews.

Draft a brief sample project to follow up your interview with ©Getty

"Let's say you're applying for a role as a social media manager," the authors write, in an extract reported by Business Insider. "Why not pull together a few ideas for an Instagram campaign to grow the company's brand?"

This kind of move shows initiative and judgement, Cavoulacos tells Business Insider.

It's a particularly effective approach if you use your report to draw upon the company's areas of growth or competitors, as this will demonstrate your insight and how familiar you are with how they stand in the market.

An inability to illustrate that you've researched the company is frequently cited as a major red flag among employers conducting interviews, so going this extra mile in the follow-up cannot fail to impress - as long as you get your facts straight.

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