Jennifer Lawrence Talks Nudity and Her Ability To Kill With A Bow And Arrow

Jennifer Lawrence Talks Nudity and Her Ability To Kill With A Bow And Arrow


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Seriously, could Jennifer Lawrence be any cooler?! It’s no surprise we’re a big fan of the 22-year old Hunger Games star after she rocked some uber cool designers frocks (Prabal Gurung, Marchesa, VB, Raoul etc etc) on her publicity tour and for generally just being pretty bad-ass. But now she’s only gone and shot the cover of W Magazine looking all bird-like, adorned with feathers and carrying around some stuffed animals, Katniss style.

W Cover
W Cover

And if anyone was worried J-Law might have felt a bit uncomfortable in these outlandish creations from the likes of Alberta Ferreti and Alexander McQueen, well they needn’t be because Jennifer’s costume for the role of Mystique in X-Men: First Class was entirely non-existent! ‘I have no modesty left after X-Men,’ she told W Magazine. ‘I had blue in places I didn’t even know existed. Afterward, I had to go around naked, with scales over my private parts, surrounded by men. That cures you of all inhibition.’ Wowsers!


So, is she scared of anything at all after doing that? ‘I got really nervous about signing on to that huge franchise [The Hunger Games]. I was afraid that Katniss would overwhelm any other character I’d try to do. But I love Katniss, and she didn’t take over as much of my life as I thought she would.’

Maybe not, but she did become so good at archery that she could have competed in the Olympics! ‘I don’t have many talents: I’m not a good cook, I can’t clean, and I can’t sew. The only thing I can do well is shoot bow and arrow.’

Katniss (The Hunger Games)

‘I do love archery. I could kill someone with a bow and arrow if they’d hold still!’ Oh, ok then! Maybe it’s us who should be a little scared. And in awe, because achieving an Oscar nod, stripping naked for a film, nailing her red carpet look and starring in one of THE most popular franchises of the decade is no mean feat for just anyone. And remember, she’s still just 22.


Jennifer Lawrence Talks Nudity and Her Ability To Kill With A Bow And Arrow

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