Jack Monroe Is Suing Katie Hopkins And Here’s Why

Another clanger from Katie Hopkins on Twitter. And this one might cost her £££

Jack Monroe Is Suing Katie Hopkins And Here’s Why

by Eve Simmons |

Looks like all eyes are on Katie Hopkins and her offensive Twitter spews, AGAIN. Only this time, it looks like she might actually have to face the consequences of her actions. Food blogger and Guardian writer, Jack Monroe, is reportedly suing the rent-a-gob and Mail Online columnist for £50,000 (plus costs) for a mistaken, defamatory tweet.

The battle began in May last year, when Katie Hopkins directed a Tweet at Jack Monroe, implying that she supported the vandalism of the World War Two war memorial that a protester graffitied with the words ‘F*** tory scum’ during an anti-austerity rally.


@MsJackMonroe scrawled on any memorials recently? Vandalized the memory of those who fought for your freedom. Grandma got any more medals?’, read the delightful tweet.

Clearly, Katie had misplaced her glasses as her tweet was actually meant for writer, Laurie Penny, who publicly defended the vandalism, stating she ‘doesn’t have a problem with it’. Nice one Hopkins. I mean, we see where she got confused - they’re both women with eyes and hair, to be fair.

Understandably, Jack Monroe was confused and pretty pissed off and replied with the following:

To be fair, Katie did then delete the tweet and apologise… kind of.

Classic KT. A few weeks later, instead of making amends for her mistake and apologising profusely Katie decided it would be far more appropriate to insult not one, but both writers. Nor has she donated any money to Migrant Rescue, as originally suggested.

Unsurprisingly, this enraged Jack Monroe further and she’s now set on battling it out with Hopkins in the courtroom for more than 50K in damages. So perhaps that's a lesson learnt for Katie Hopkins. Judging by yesterday’s Tweet, it seems unlikely.

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