J K Rowling Helps A Fan Fight Her Personal Dementors

J K Rowling proves again that she's always looking out for her loyal fans, and we love her for it

J K Rowling Helps A Fan Fight Her Personal Dementors

by Alyss Bowen |
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As if we couldn’t adore her more, J K Rowling has been very wise on Twitter again - adding to our list of reasons why she’s the best (currently at like #237).

One of Rowling’s many fans took to Twitter on Sunday from Brazil, sending out a cry for help over the social media platform. Alluding to some of the issues she's dealing with right now, like panic attacks, lack of sleep and insecurities, 18-year-old Marina tagged the Harry Potter author in and asked for her help.

But, being the mega-babe that she is, J K obviously responded with some wise words. We bet waking up to that notification was better than Christmas morning. She told the teenager to ask for help, as the ‘Dementors’ were bothering a unique and valuable human being. We know right? Great life advice from the lady herself

We're kind of working on the assumption that you know what a dementor is, but if you need a bit of background info, they first appeared in The Prisoner of Azkaban and are basically dark evil creatures who suck any happiness and hope out of the air around them – kind of like a cheating ex boyfriend who won’t fuck off.

She wasn’t the only one to speak up on Twitter, Potter fans from all over the world started tweeting their thoughts, some of which are incredibly moving.

So, all thanks to Rowling, Marina is now going to sleep each night with a massive smile on her face – keep up the good work J. K, you’ll forever be a mentor to Potter fans.

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