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The Unexpected Winners Of The World Cup

Well, just look at us now. It's been a long old journey but, much to the surprise of us all, England is in the throes of the Fifa World Cup and we're actually doing pretty well.

Who'd have predicted that, for the first time in 28 year's, we'd be in the semi-finals? Who'd have thought that after all this time our beloved country would have it in itself to prosper on the international sporting stage? Who'd have guessed that we'd get this far?

The answer, of course, is no one but alas, here we are and isn't it lovely. In sweet relief from the chaos that's currently dominating our government, Brexit is forgotten, the sun is shining and England is the most united it's ever been. I'm overwhelmingly aware that even now, just hours from the fateful match that could put us in kicking distance of the World Cup final, this all still feels a bit like fake news. But bloody hell, its real. Football might just be coming home.

You don't have to have even watched any of the matches to know that our success has had a resounding effect on the country. That said, there are a few unlikely winners out of all of this. Yes, the actual England team have had a few wins, as will anyone who braved putting money on our surprise success story, but allow us to walk you through the real winners of this whole thing...

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