Ireland Accidentally Legalises Ketamine, Meth And Ecstasy For A Day

Party in Ireland anyone? No? Ok then...


by Stevie Martin |

In major WTF news, Ireland found a loophole in their drugs legislation which has led to crystal meth, ketamine and ecstasy being legalised until Thursday.

How did this happen? Well, Ireland’s Misuse of Drugs Act (1977) was found to be unconstitutional by the Irish Court of Appeal on Tuesday morning because both houses of parliament hadn’t actually agreed to the additions of newer drugs – which meant that legislation introduced to cover ketamine, ecstasy and crystal meth, are temporarily null and void.

It came up during the trial of a man accused of possession of meth, who promptly challenged the high court in Dublin, claiming that the additions to the 1977 Misuse of Drugs act were unconstitutional because they were added without consulting the Oireachtas (both the Houses Of Irish Parliament).

Last night, emergency meetings were held to close the loophole, with a government spokesperson telling the BBC: ‘It is now important from both a public health and criminal justice perspective that the legislation be enacted as soon as possible.’

The emergency law won’t come into effect until the Republic’s second chamber endorses the legislation and the president, Michael D Higgins, gives his approval. It takes at least a day for laws to pass, through, so it’s expected to be passed on Thursday. In the meantime – Ket party in Ireland, anyone? No? Sure ok.

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