All The Hidden Messages People Are Finding In The iPhone 8 Invite

But what does it all mean???

All The Hidden Messages People Are Finding In The iPhone 8 Invite

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Before we all lose our shit, let’s start with what we already think we know. Apple are expected to unveil not one but three new iPhones, including the much-hyped iPhone 8. They are holding a media event on the 12th of September in the Steve Jobs Theatre which will be streamed world-wide for all those die-hard apple fans. The media invite offers a first look at what we can expect from the new, radically redesigned iPhone 8.

The new iPhone will have a whole host of new features including an edge-to-edge / button-free display, a vertical rear camera, facial recognition capabilities, a much-improved processor, and wireless inductive charging functionality. The device includes a glass body that looks more lux than Kylie Kenner birthday ice sculpture and it's rumoured to cost around £1,000 - which could price most people out of an upgrade.

Wild discussions dissecting the tri-coloured logo featured on the invite are in full swing and it’s potential encryptions are driving people insane!

1. Wall Street Journal tech columnist Joanna Stern tweeted out this…

Do you see it?

2.Alberto Bagnoli, an eagle eyed medical student, spotted a credit card lurking in the right-hand corner…

Is this subliminal messaging to encourage us to spend yet more of our hard-earned dollar on Apple products?

3.Tyler Schnabel is convinced he’s got this one crack with this rather more theoretical colour anlalysis…

Makes sense, right?

The new phones will most likely to be available to pre-order from Friday, September 15, and could hit the shelves as soon as September 22.

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