Here Are The Latest Rumours About The New IPhone 7

There's a lot of talk about the new iPhone 7, so we rounded up the rumours

Here Are The Latest Rumours About The New IPhone 7

by Alyss Bowen |
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Apple have confirmed that on the 7th of September they will hold their annual media conference where they reveal exactly what features the new iPhone will have. This year we’re all eagerly waiting to hear about the iPhone 7, and while nothing will be confirmed until that conference, there are plenty of rumours circulating online. Leaker Evan Blass believes he’s pinned down the phone release date to the 16th of September, but this has not been confirmed. So if you’re sat there twiddling your thumbs in suspense, here’s the (almost) list of what to expect.

Not one, not two, but three phones.

We already know that Apple are set to release three phones. Remember when the images were leaked? The Apple family is growing with an iPhone 7, iPhone7 Plus and an iPhone 7 Pro, supposedly.


Anyone that has ever had an iPhone ever knows how annoying the 16GB storage option is. Well, rumours are suggesting that Apple is going to ditch this handset, and bump it up to a great 32GB model. Please let this be true. This does mean prices will most definitely go up even more though.


Tech fans are hinting that the new model will have the same aluminum body as the iPhone 6, but there are some images doing the rounds on a French site, that shows a phone without the white plastic antenna lines across the back. It kind of makes it look sleeker, but with a case on you wouldn’t be able to tell. These antenna lines allow signals to pass through the metal casing and reach the antennas, and last time Apple messed with them it didn’t go very well so we’re thinking this rumor might not be true…or we’re hoping anyway.

The camera

The camera lens is supposedly going to be bigger – hello wider shots. A Chinese website called Bastille Posthas also leaked an image showing an iPhone with a dual-lens camera. Fancy.

The home button

Bloomberg technologyhave said that the new iPhones will not have a home button, instead they will use pressure-sensitive technology from Mac computers for the home button. Erm sorry…this all sounds a bit too much of a faff to us.

Headphone sockets

It’s been discussed for ages, you know the rumors. The headphone socket, may or may not be on the new iPhone 7. If it isn’t, this means if you want the upgrade you’ll have to invest in some pricey wireless headphones.

Will it be waterproof?

The new Samsung has it’s splash back feature, so it’s a given that Apple want to try and have a go too. The Mirrorreorted that the China-based Commercial Times released information saying Apple are working on a new compound material that repels water. Exciting…

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