The iPhone 6 Has Another Problem: It’s Pulling People’s Hair Out Of Their Heads

Being bendy is just one of its problems


by Fiona Byrne |
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If you’ve been having FOMO about your lack of an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you can relax. You probably don't want it anyway.

This thing has had more issues than Vogue since its release a few weeks ago. Firstly, it bends. As in, you sit with it in your pocket and it comes out looking like a banana. And now there’s another issue, one that’s taken a moment to come to light, since no one really talks on the phone anymore.

Apparently, some people who have made the rare decision to actually (gasp!) use the phone to make a phone call, have found it’s pulling out clumps of hair due to a particularly tricky seam where the glass meets the back of the phone.

It’s not just the hair on the head either, hirsute men are having painful incidents where tufts of their beards are getting yanked out in the pesky seam.

iPhone-6 owner Chad Coleman Tweeted: ‘Anyone else getting beard hairs pulled by the iPhone 6/Plus? It catches my scruff in the seam and yanks it during calls. #hurts #beardgate’ and Twitterer @JennipherNoF tweeted ‘I noticed my iPhone was catching my hair whenever I tried to use the elusive "phone" feature. Glad I'm not the only one #hairgate #seamgate’

Given that so many iPhone users are bearded hipsters, we imagine we haven’t heard the last of this issue just yet. For pure vanity reasons, we’re holding on to our trusty 5S for now.

kPicture: Apple

This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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