Introducing: The Women’s Discount Card

Females everywhere, rejoice! You can now afford to split the bill. You’re welcome.

Introducing: The Women's Discount Card

by Melis Zumrutel |
Published on

Following the recent revelation that you will effectively be working for free until the end of the year is no longer an issue. Marketing execs Sali Horsey and Zoe Nash have solved this problem for women by creating the Women’s Discount Card.*

The idea is simple; just like students who have an NUS card receive discounts in most high-street stores for having less money; well now women have the same too. The card will give you discounts on clothes, food and travel to help us out. The aim is to help women out just for being a woman, as they get paid considerably less than a man.

The card is accepted by 'open-minded retailers worldwide', So until the gender pay gap is dissolved, this will have to do.

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***Disclaimer: not a real discount card **

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