The Internet’s Determined To Find Clive’s Mystery Woman

Let's help Clive find the Coldplay fan he met in June!

The Internet's Determined To Find Clive's Mystery Woman

by Charlotte Davey |
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We've all been there: You meet someone, strike up conversation, decide they're pretty great, wonder if you should pluck up the courage to speak to them, run out of time, miss your chance, spend the rest of your life in regret wondering what could have been. Today, we learnt that Hatfield resident, Clive Saffron, is regretting not plucking up the courage to ask out a woman he met on the train, and has taken to his local paper, the Welwyn Hatfield Times, to see if he can find her.

On 15th June, Clive's journey home to Hatfield was diverted, and by some stroke of fate the pair met and caught the replacement bus service together from Alexandra Palace. Clive's 'blonde, petite' acquaintance was on her way home from a Coldplay concert. He told his local paper that 'We chatted about everything ... After we got off the bus at Hatfield we carried on talking and I could tell she was waiting for me to say something. She kept lingering and when she got the sense I wasn't going to say anything she got in her car'. Clive says he's still kicking himself for not saying something, 'I thoroughly enjoyed her company. I felt comfortable with her. I can't speak for her but I really liked her and I'm really keen to find her.' N'awww.

Who said romance is dead, eh? Mystery blonde Coldplay fan, if you're out there and fancy your chances with Clive, make yourself known! We could do with some good news.

If you're Clive's acquaintance from the bus, you can contact who will put you in touch!

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