Instagram have added the features we’ve all needed, just in time for Christmas

We'll drink our Christmas party prosecco to that

Instagram have added the features we’ve all needed, just in time for Christmas

by Alyss Bowen |

Instagram have just upped their game, and announced not one, not two but three new features. With the new update, users will have the option to turn off comments, remove followers from private accounts, and comment on likes. In a recent blog update, Instagram revealed that they were all for ‘keeping Instagram a positive place for self-expression.’ We’ll drink our Christmas party prosecco to that. Here's what to expect from the new features.

Comment control

We all know things can get a little nasty over on Instagram comments. While most of us use this feature to spread the love (emojis included), some people take it a teeny bit too far and get trolly. So this new function gives you the ability to filter your comments based on keywords. Soon there will also be a feature to turn off comments on your posts. Remember when Hailey Baldwin and co did it? Yep, you’ll be able to soon. It’s not available for another few weeks but when it is it’s as simple as hitting the ‘advance settings’ and selecting ‘turn off commenting.’ Oh why thank you Insta.

Now onto our favourite – you’ll also (soon) be able to ‘like’ people’s comments. FINALLY. By tapping on that mini Instagram heart you can let your commenters now you’re into what they’re saying.

Reporting for self-injury posts

This one’s really important. If you see a friend, or someone who posting something that is an obvious cry for help and support, you’ll now be able to anonymously report the image. This report will go onto Instagram’s 24-hour team to review.

Removing followers from private accounts

On private but have loads of people following you from your public days? This one’s for you. With the latest update you’ll be able to remove your followers by going to your friends list, hitting that …menu near their name, and delete. They won’t be notified so it’s all very hush hush, thankfully.

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