Instagram Removed Photo Of Gay Couple Kissing On Their Wedding Day

Instagram have now reinstated the photo of celebrity haidresser Alberto Guzman and his husband Janeiro, but what happens next time someone reports a picture just because they don't like it?


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If anyone's suffering from Mercury being in retrograde, it's Instagram. True, people are signing up and joining the picture-based social networking site in their hordes, andMiley Cyrus is uploading dozens of selfies a week, but frequent muck-ups are making them seem pretty out of touch. For example, deleting Rihanna’s account, removing Grace Coddington’s drawing of a topless women and even deleting the account of a woman who reposted an image of her toddler with her top pulled up, exposing a nipple, of course, but a child’s nipple, FFS.

This time, they’ve stepped up the bizarre strictness, removing a photo of a gay couple kissing on their wedding day, which was about as explicit as a photo of a sunset.

Celebrity hairdresser (he's done Pink, Molly Sims and Emily VanCamp's locks) Alberto Guzman and new husband Janeiro kissed in their formalwear on Sunday - Gay Pride Day in the US – and posted a photo of it on to Instagram with the hashtags #happy #gaypride and #equalrights. But after another user complained about it, it was removed by the company.

‘I posted this photo of my wedding yesterday and Instagram took it off my album for being "inappropriate," and on gay pride day of all days,’ he wrote, as he re-grammed (re-posted) the image again. Friends, including model Karen Elson, also re-posted the image at such a rate that Instagram couldn’t keep up.

Eventually, the company reinstated the photo, apologising for removing it: ‘When our team processes reports from other members of the Instagram community, we occasionally make a mistake,' a spokesperson told MailOnline. ‘We wrongly removed content and rectified the error as soon as we were notified. We apologize for any inconvenience.’

No word, however, on how the company will stop this sort of knee-jerk takedown happening every time someone with too much hate and time on their hands reports a photo…

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