Instagram Have Released Five New Filters, So We Test Them Out

Ludwig! Perpetua! Crema! Aden! Slumber! But what do these new Instagram filters look like in action?


by Stevie Martin |
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Bored of Hudson and getting tired of Valencia? You’re in luck because Instagram announced overnight on their blog that there are five fresh new filters you can use to make yourself look fit.

The last time new filters were added, we got Mayfair and Willow – both of which we use regularly, especially over the party season when we all look tired and pale and crap. Or maybe that’s just us.

Other updates include a preview of what your pic will look like once you’ve filtered it (finally!) and the ability to rearrange the filters you use the most so you don’t have to scroll for ages to get to Kelvin. Does anyone actually use Kelvin?

Anyway, behold the new insta-filters:



What It's Good For: It’s sepia, it’s yellowed, it makes everything instantly autumnal and feel warm and Christmassy (when it’s actually fucking freezing). Er, hot boy not included with filter download.



What It's Good For: Ooh, this one’s warm and cosy and ideal for adding a bit of extra ‘crema’ (geddit) onto your £5 flat white. The perfect food filter.



For when you actually want to BE Pinterest, this filter cleans up whites, so it looks like your house is flooded with daylight. Lifestyle bloggers eat your heart out.



What It's Good For: Softer and good for vivid, warm colours like autumn leaves – great for a cheeky #fwis when you’re braving bare legs but forgot to apply the saint tropez.



What It's Good For: Another yellowed filter, but less back-in-time and more capturing-the-yellowy-morning-air. God, we’ve gone all romantic and pretentious – see what instagram filters do to you?!

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