Instagram’s Latest Update Is What We’ve Been Waiting For

The app is set to become a more positive space...


by Danielle Fowler |
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The social media giant has bred a community of Insta-famous bloggers and fashion influencers, all committing to their carefully curated feeds in exchange for the highly sought after hearts.

But with thousands of followers comes a darker side to the industry. Though many bloggers receive positive comments on their #OOTD posts, they’re also a target for internet trolls.

But the social media platform’s latest update is set to make Instagram a much more positive space.

Firstly, the app has launched a new feature designed to enable users to turn off comments. Simply click ‘advance settings’ before uploading your post and then turn off commenting. This will enable users to prevent trolling. This is an update which was rolled out months ago for celebrities such as Taylor Swift (remember the snake emoji?).

Instagram will also enable users to delete followers from their private account. Instead of blocking them, you can now hit the ‘…’ next to their username to delete them. They won’t even be notified, so need to worry.

To make Instagram an even more positive community, you can now ‘like’ comments too. Simply tap the heart to show appreciation when your followers compliment you on your new Zara purchase.

The updates will roll in over the coming weeks thanks to the latest update so make sure to keep an eye out.

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