Instagram Is Finally Introducing One Of Its Most Requested Features


by Elizabeth Bennett |
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We’ve all been there. You go days (sometimes even weeks) without having anything to post on Instagram, and then suddenly, you go for one fancy brunch/cocktail session/mini break (delete as applicable), and you have tonnes of pictures you can’t wait to share. How on earth do you choose which to upload? Do you flood your followers feed with all your snaps at once? Eeek them out over a few days with a couple of crafty hashtags? Or share a few via IG Stories? It’s a real dilemma.

However, there now may be a solution to one of our biggest social media woes. Instagram are introducing a gallery function.

Yep, you will soon be able to add up to ten photos or videos to one post. Your followers will then be able to swipe through and see your multiple snaps a bit like when you look at photo albums on Facebook mobile.


As the new feature is being tested currently, little details are still known. Questions such as how to identify whether an image is one pic or more, or whether you like the gallery as a whole or as individual images, remain unanswered.

We don’t know at this stage when the gallery feature will be rolled out but we have everything crossed it will be very soon.

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