Instagram Addict? Restaurant Dirty Bones Has Got Your Food Pics Sorted

Isn't it rude to be on your phone at the dinner table?

Instagram Addict? Restaurant Dirty Bones Has Got Your Food Pics Sorted

by Georgina Roberts |

Calling all Instagram junkies! Dirty Bones, a trendy New York style comfort food and cocktail restaurant, is riding the trend for photographing your meal. Expect more envy from scrolling through food porn on your feed, thanks to the restaurant's new “Foodie Instagram Pack”. The free pack, available for diners at the Soho branch, includes a LED light, a portable charger, a clip-on lens, and a tripod selfie stick. Sorted!

We all know how hard it can be to do your mouth-watering meal photographic justice in the darkness of a restaurant. Flash it and your delicious meal might look greasy, but no flash it and your followers can’t tell if it’s a pizza or a hotdog. Armed with this pack, you can happily munch/snap Dirty Bones’ burgers and hotdogs with experimental trimmings. All to the soundtrack of in-house Hip Hop, funk and soul DJs.

The founder and director of Dirty Bones Cokey Sulkin recently said: “We’re all about helping people capture the perfect shot”. While this comment shows the restaurant know their social-media-loving audience, should the ethos of a restaurant really be gravitated toward hunting Instagram likes? We are already so obsessed with recording everything we do on camera, it does seem a bit ridiculous and unnecessary.

Surely a restaurant should be geared toward creating an immersive experience which makes you want to put down your phone, rather than pick it up. Perhaps we should focus on eating the food, rather than obsessively photographing it while it goes cold. If the point of a meal out is a chance to catch up with friends face-to-face, the restaurant’s emphasis on phones seems to jeopardise this.

Not to mention, your burger might be a tricky task to nosh while you are encumbered by contraptions and lights.

Photo courtesy of@a_foodie_girl

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