5 Illustrations About Living With Anxiety We Can Totally Relate To

Mumbai based Pranita Kocharekar is tackling common issues of anxiety through Instagram after realising she and her friends all felt the same

5 Illustrations About Living With Anxiety We Can Totally Relate To

by Alyss Bowen |
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Us 20-something women are an anxious bunch aren’t we. It’s quite nice to know we’re not alone in this circle of fret and worry though, and with more and more artists trying to raise awareness of anxiety through internet memes and illustrations, it’s becoming more acceptable to talk about it openly and candidly.

One artist currently trying to break down the barriers we have with anxiety is Mumbai based Pranita Kocharekar. Her series ‘Is That You?’ composed of 16 illustrations highlights common situations of anxiety that we probably all experience daily. Drawn from her own experiences and friends she tackles relatable anxiety issues in a humorous way. On her illustrations Prantia hopes the illustrations will “let people know they are not alone, that this is fixable if acknowledged.’

We can relate to this one. 'Must.Focus.At.Yoga (thinks about 258 other things not yoga).'

Hands up if this is you most days on your way to werk werk werk werk werk.

Can't make any decisions? Guilty.

Life right now.

Yep, pretty much.

She does, however, want people to know that her drawings are not symptoms of anxiety but emotions of an anxious person. So if you’re feeling overly anxious, please do seek medical advice.

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