IKEA Is Naming Its Furniture After Your Heartbreak

Is this taking retail therapy too far?

Ikea Has Found The Perfect Solution For Heartbreak

by Lydia O'Malley |

We know the feeling, aimlessly scrolling through Facebook when you find out that your ex has moved on with his childhood friend who he claimed was ‘like a sister’. It sucks. But what if we told you that the answer to the age old question ‘how to get over someone’ could be answered with a trip to your nearest IKEA.

Swedish agency Åkestam Holst have created a new marketing campaign in answer to the most commonly searched Google terms in Sweden, using IKEA furniture. It follows a year of exploring family dynamics in their ads such as divorce and father and daughters troubled relationship.

Whilst some of these renamed items are genuine solutions to legit problems (such as a toy dog called ‘my dog is allergic to furry animals.’) Others are a little bit more outlandish. Such as the ‘how to make long distance work’ cardboard box, the ‘my brother and I don’t have any connection’ extension cord, the ‘she doesn’t want to cuddle’ mattress wedge and our favourite, the ‘how to get a girl to like you’ oven, costing $1,099,00. Small price to pay for our love.

We can’t work out whether asking a IKEA staff where the ‘my family doesn’t respect me’ is located is easier than trying to pronounce Fyrkantig (guys, it’s literally just a candle). Making those family trips to IKEA a little bit… awkward.

Themed on relationship problems, each product info box says 'right now we have renamed it to the relationship problem you just googled. All to make life at home easier for you. Because life evolves every day and everything, yes everything, can get better.' Are you sure you're not doing it just to score SEO points, IKEA?

So if you’ve ever wondered whether your boyfriend loves you, get an ironing board… apparently.

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