Ian Somerhalder Strips Off for the New Vampire Diaries Trailer

Ian Somerhalder. Naked. Need We Say More?!?


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It’s Thursday, which means you’re going to need a little pick-me-up to see you through to the weekend.

May we suggest Ian Somerhalder, topless? The Vampire Diaries dropped a new trailer for season 7 last night, and it included Ian’s naked chest. Then, the internet exploded.

Fans started tweeting: “Holyy…he is the hottest guy I’ve ever seen,”, “PERFECT” and “I’m crying OMG” as they struggled to continue on with life once they’d seen this vision.

Ian posted the steamy clip to his Instagram pageand it showed his character Damon, throwing a wet towel at Alaric, with his friend saying “You know clothes would be nice.” It’s now been liked than more than 277,000 Somerfans, who are desperate to see more when the show returns to American TV on 8 October.

Ian then teased even more and captioned the video: “Why is Damon naked in this new Vampire Diaries trailer?”

We’re not entirely sure, but it’s one way of making us watch to find out.

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