However Awful You’re Feeling Today – At Least You’re Not This Woman

Did you get rescued from your ex’s chimney after trying to climb down it while naked? No?


by Stevie Martin |
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It’s Monday. You’re back to work. All you can think about are holidays you probs won’t be able to afford while lamenting the long gone party season – but comfort yourself with the fact that you're not the woman who got stuck in her ex’s chimney and had to be rescued. Naked. Oh God, the empathy. The torrid waves of empathy we’re feeling right now.

After trying to enter the house of the father of her three children in Woodcrest, California, the unnamed (thankfully) 35-year-old woman decided to give the chimney a go, but quickly got stuck. Obviously, she then removed her clothes to see if that would help things – but only succeeded in making the transition from ‘woman stuck in chimney’ to ‘nude woman stuck in chimney’.

‘She called me and I said, “Where are you at?” And she said, “I'm trapped in the chimney.” So I tried to get her out from the top, but it was too hard,’ said Tony Hernandez – the ex husband of the woman.

Attempts to pull the woman out while standing on the roof were fruitless, as were his efforts involving an extension cord (presumably as some sort of alternative to rope), so they eventually called the firefighters.

In case you’re wondering how someone gets extricated from a chimney – it involves breaking the fireplace, takes two hours, and doesn’t endear you to the ex-husband you were trying to see. ‘I don’t like the way she’s acting or what she’s doing,’ Tony Hernandez said. ‘That’s not good for my kids.’


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