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6 Simple Ways To Avoid The Dreaded Burnout

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Feeling exhausted, empty and just a bit frazzled? Is the warning your parents gave about ‘burning the candle on both ends’ ringing loudly in your ears as you juggle back-to-back meetings with unwanted social obligations and a sense you’re putting in so much more than we’re getting out? You’re not alone.

Whether it’s the result of a heavy work overload, hectic social life or mounting money pressures, more and more of us are reaching breaking point and heading for a total burnout. But it might just be because you’re neglecting your own needs.

From a digital detox to a bit of good old fashion self-care, there are ways to tackle the overwhelming tiredness and feeling of falling flat. Heed our advice and follow these six simple steps to help beat the burnout and feel happier and healthier, on the inside and out...

1. Work it out

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We’re not talking about running yourself to exhaustion with the equivalent of a double marathon on a treadmill or pulling a muscle in the weights section. But regular exercise or a well-timed workout can be the perfect opportunity for a re-charge. Reflect and refocus with a morning yoga class or push through those frustrations after a particularly challenging meeting with a high-energy after work spin class.

2. Self care

Dark circles under your eyes, an unexpected break-out, dry and frazzled hair; a burnout can affect your body as well as your mind. Indulge in a face mask, focus on a skincare regime and keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Try working TRESemmé's Heat Defence Spray into your morning styling routine to protect your hair from burnout on-the-go, especially if you wash and blow-dry your hair every morning, as hair is weaker and more sceptical to damage from styling tools when it's wet. While other aspects of your life may feel out of control, some simple self-care can go a long way to looking fresh on the outside and feeling better on the inside.

3. Treat yourself

Whether you’ve got a spare five minutes or you’ve hit a lull in your day, do something to perk yourself up and boost your mood. Whether you’re able to book a weekend away, buy the dress you’ve had in your online basket since last payday or just splash out on a Pret lunch instead of last night’s leftovers, do something for you. You deserve it.

4. Ditch those unwanted plans (and make ones you really want)

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Sometimes you just need to say no. No to after-work drinks when you’ve had a tough day in the office and all you want is to binge on a box set and an array of takeaway foods. No to that girls holiday you can’t quite afford this year. No to that boozy night out you just really aren’t in the mood for. Take yourself away from a situation you feel pressured into and enjoy a bit of me time. Of course, you might feel you just want to kick the burnout in the butt with a big blow out. In that case, rally the troops and hit the town.

5. Try out a digital detox

There’s been a lot of talk about the benefits of a digital detox in recent years. Whether it’s shutting off from work and constant emails, stepping away from negative social media or just giving your eyes a rest from the constant scroll, taking a break from your phone or tablet can give you the opportunity to reset. Refraining from using your phone for up to two hours before bed is said to not only improve your quality of sleep, but also encourage you to focus your mind on other things. Be it spending quality time with loved ones, getting stuck into a new book or setting goals for the day ahead.

6. Shake up your routine

It’s easy to switch onto autopilot when it comes to the morning commute or a monotonous daily routine, but shaking things could encourage a more positive outlook. Try taking a different route to work, adding a longer walk to a tube stop further down the line, visiting a different coffee shop and swapping out your regular order for something new.

Hair is an important part of your identity, so make sure you look after it and avoid the burnout by keeping it protected with the TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray. For more information about hair the right heat protect for you, visit All Things Hair.