11 Things In Home Alone That Would Never Happen Now

Disney have just confirmed a reboot of the iconic film

Home Alone

by Grazia |

It's been 29 years since Kevin McCallister (aka Macauley Culkin) was left Home Alone and sent our young imaginations wild with dreams of being left to fend for ourselves, to gorge on ice cream and raid our siblings' rooms. And even today it's a must-watch every festive season.

But Disney bosses seem to think that the film isn't relevant enough for a younger generation, and have confirmed a reboot of the iconic film. To mark this controversial decision, here are 11 things in Home Alone that would never happen in 2019.

1. That power cut would be no big deal and wouldn't trip the family's alarms as they'd all have numerous alerts set on their iPhones

2. There's no way the McCallisters would breeze through the airport that fast. Even if they had online check in, by the time they'd queued to check their liquids, walked through those buzzers and heard their final, final call, surely they'd have noticed Kevin was AWOL?

3. The family trying to call Kevin on a pay phone? Never. They'd be straight on their mobiles. And if he didn't pick up, they'd send him messages on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp to get in contact

4. Same goes for those neighbours who are MIA. The family would be all over social media trying to contact them in order to check up on Kevin. And we bet they'd have a #FindKevin hashtag on Twitter in order to track any updates

5. When Mr and Mrs McCallister go to the police about having lost their son, the casual response they recieve re. his whereabouts would never happen today. Social services would be called and bust down their front door

6. Kevin wouldn't have to go to all the trouble of freaking out the pizza delivery guy in order to get his dinner - he'd be able to pre-pay on Just Eat or Deliveroo. And he could simply leave a note in the comments box asking the guy to leave it at the door and ring the bell on arrival

7. Though if he did want to terrify him, just for kicks, he'd do it with a voice manipulation app downloaded to his iPad

8. Plus, he wouldn't be watching the movie to Angels with Filthy Souls in black and white, he'd have the Netflix binge to end all Netflix binges

9. And he'd be able to continue said Netflix binge until his parents' return because he'd be able to be rid of the Wet Bandits pronto, by calling the police on his mobile, or live tweeting their attacks. No doubt leading to immediate coverage from numerous online media outlets. Kevin would be a social media sensation, for a day at least

10. Kevin wouldn't have to go to the local store for snacks and supplies, he'd order a shop online or get a same-day Amazon delivery. He'd be guaranteed the best toothbrush too, because he could check the reviews ****

11. Mrs McCallister wouldn't have to rough it back from Scranton in the back of a van with a polka band, she'd call an Uber. Though she'd pay the price on Christmas Day, because: surge charge

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