Hillary Clinton Turns It Round On Social Media Destroying Donald Trump

Has Hillary finally nailed social media just in time?

Hillary Clinton Turns It Round On Social Media Destroying Donald Trump

by Jess Commons |
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Up until now, Hillary Clinton on social media has been a bit like this.

There was that patronising time she asked students to sum up their feelings about student debt in 'three emojis or less'


There was also that time she tweeted compliments about herself

And then there was that time she retweeted something and made it look like she was running her campaign on pizza and anal.

Now she's almost sort of definitely the Democratic candidate for president though, she seems to be cutting the bullshit. Last night, she shut down small handed man child Donald Trump in just one tweet.

After President Obama formally endorsed Hillary as the presidential candidate, Donald Trump wrote from his account 'Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama - but nobody else does!'

Hillary responded accordingly.

More sass-tastic Hillary like this and we'll be bringing back the Texts From Hillary memes.

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