There Are 4 New Snapchat Updates: Here’s How To Use Them

Snapchat is venturing into Facebook Messenger territory

There Are 4 New Snapchat Updates: Here's How To Use Them

by Alyss Bowen |

Snapchat has had an update, a serious update. A 2.0 update that Snapchat addicts have probably been waiting some time for, it includes a video chat function, audio calls, video and audio notes and stickers in the 'chat' section of Snapchat.

It’s essentially a way for the Snapchat creators to ensure the app users never, ever leave the app. Sneaky, huh? I tested it out with my mate Tash. She didn’t pick up because she’s at work like a normal person and probably can’t answer her phone, so instead I had a video chat with myself…

1. The audio call

To have an audio chat with someone simply press the phone button and hey presto, chat away. You can record little audio messages too, if the person is ignoring you and doesn't want to chat right away.


2. The video chat

If you fancy actually seeing the person sending you Snaps of their cat (or face because we don't have a work pet, unfortunately), press the camera button and voila you’ve got a voice call. If my friend actually picked up, the video screen would have switched into fullscreen mode, and she woud have been give three options: 'ignore,' 'join,' or 'watch.' You can also send little 10 second looped gifs using the selfie camera. It's cute, but slightly pointless.

3. The stickers, or glorified emojis as we like to call them

Now to my favourite bit, the emojis. Because I’m basic I used the avocado and doughnut to send to restaurant manager, Tash. I thought she’s appreciate them best. Feel free to send some emojis back my way so I don’t look like friendless Tash…any day now.

4. The never-ending Snapchat story feed

Possibly the most irritating thing about the new update is the new ‘constant story feed’ that happens when you watch your followers stories. Normally, when one story is finished it takes you back to your stories list. A useful way to pick and chose the stories you actually want to watch (let’s face it, who watches them all?), but now they run in one big constant story. To get back to the stories list you have to swipe up, something I keep forgetting to do so instead I’m stuck in this horrible never-ending feed of people’s stories who all merge together. Just no.

According to Buzzed, the whole point of this update is to bring a range of new features to the ‘chat’ tab in an attempt to make it take on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It seems like everyone wants a piece of the chat pie, Snapchat included.

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