10 Actually Nice Things That Are Happening In The UK Right Now

Think it's all doom and gloom? Nah, there's still good stuff going on out there.

10 Actually Nice Things That Are Happening In The UK Right Now

by Jess Commons |
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Struggling to remember why the hell you live in this country any more? With warring political parties, rising rents, increasingly racist articles shunning refugees and people like Spencer Matthews walking the street, you'd be forgiven for thinking the UK is all doom and gloom at the moment.

But, it's not. The good stuff's just not getting reported.

Over on Reddit, people are sharing their little bits of good that are happening around the UK. Here's a few to chew on.

PS: I highly recommend listening to my personal idol Tina Turner while you read this. Things will get very emotional.

1. This guy that laughs in the face of council cuts

'There's a 70 year old retired bloke that lives near me in Hove that is going round to each of the parks and doing their gardening. The council ran out of money to do it well, so the community is giving him plants, flowers and tools. He's got a couple of other pensioner friends that help him. It's just become spring and all of the local parks have just had all the dandelions and tulips he planted boing up and it's lovely.'

2. This path, which will make hikers happy

'They are creating a new national coast path where you can walk around all the major coast of England. It should be finished by the end of next year and will make more accessible some of the more remote and beautiful parts of the United Kingdom.'

Here's more info on that path BTW...

3. The summer season, which ups employment

'The holiday season has officially started and the little seaside town I live in has woke up. All the parks and rides along the seafront are open, the employment drive for summer staff has been in full swing the past month or so and the firework displays have begun.'

4. Local fundraising - which has helped the flood victims of Cumbria out no end

'In Cumbria, nearly £10 million has been raised to help people affected by the January floods. Shops and other businesses are reopening and people are returning to their homes. The north and south of the county will soon be reconnected with the rebuild of the A591. We have lots of events taking place in the summer including various food, music, and arts festivals and it feels like normality is returning.'

5. The regeneration of Sheffield

'Lot's of regeneration going on in Sheffield, lots of projects started/planned before the global recession are finally coming to fruition. Hundreds of millions being invested in a city that was crippled a few decades by struggling industries. Sheffield really gives hope to places in South Wales or the North East that may be facing troubled times that there can be life after the end of their local industries.'

6. The film industry. Which should be making us proud

'Well for one thing the film industry in the UK is ROCKING. We've got so many huge films being made here that the studios like Pinewood and Shepparton are completely full. Right now in the UK in production or preproduction you've got

  • Star Wars VIII

  • Star Wars Rogue One (pickups)

  • Star Wars Spin off 2

  • The Mummy

  • Justice League

  • Wonder Woman

  • Dumbo live action

  • Dr Strange

  • Transformers 5

  • Bourne 5

  • Mission Impossible 6

  • New Alien/Prometheus 2

  • New Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts 2

Thats just off the top of my head. It's fucking glorious.'

7. The food in Leeds

'The food scene in leeds is awesome. There are new pubs, bars and restaurants opening every week. It's hard to keep up with it all.

Plus we're getting the country's 2nd largest John Lewis.'

8. The junior doctors. Who deserve all the credit

'The junior doctors are standing up to fight the government and save the NHS. And we are going to win!'

9. London's bike lanes are starting to make sense

'There are some really positive things being done in London with bike lanes. Around Bloomsbury several streets have been converted into one-way, single lanes for cars and the resulting space used for double lane bike lanes. This came about from a council survey on how many people in cars, bikes, and pedestrians were actually using the streets, and the space shared out accordingly - so if 50% of the users were on bikes, now they get 50% of the space. It seems very sensible!'

10. And ASDA buggering up their prices, making one man's day

'I got 3 packs of big maple pancakes for a £1 due to a pricing error in asda.'

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