Happy Birthday, Harry Styles! Here’s Why We Love The Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday, Harry Styles! Here's Why We Love The Birthday Boy

Harry Styles

by Grazia |

Today Harry Styles turns 21 (we know he seems so much older, right?) Happy Birthday Hazza! He's a heartthrob, a heartbreaker, he has his own unique style and we can't help but swoon when we see those dimples. To celebrate his very special day here are our top five reasons we love him.

**1) We heart his style **

When it comes to fashion, Harry has had quite the style overhaul since he first emerged on our screens as a youngster on X Factor. Gone are the baggy jeans with his bum on show and the Justin Bieber-style barnet. He's gone all Rolling Stones with a modern twist. Harry has been rocking Lanvin stripes on the red carpet and Paige girls' jeans off it in recent months. Because, well, why not. He totally pulls it off - if you ignore the Keith Richards headband thing.

**2) Girls, girls, girls **

Harry has had his fair share of women. From pulling Caroline Flack to romancing Taylor Swift - RIP Haylor - to Kendall Jenner- it's fair to say Styles has been linked to many, many women. But while T-Swift hit back at Harry on her 1989 album Harry has remained silent on his romances. What a gent. He's also a bit of a romantic. He once said: 'I don't mind getting a black eye, or a broken arm for my girl, as long as she's there to kiss it after.' Harry is thought to be celebrating his birthday in LA with Nadine Leopold.

**3) He loves his mum **

Despite being a megastar Harry hasn't forgotten where he comes from. He's extremely close to his mum Anne and even acted as Best Man when she married his step-dad Robin Twist in 2013. Nawww

**4) He's takes adversity in his stride **

Not only is he charming, gorgeous and well just plain polite Harry is also extremely capable of dealing with any situation thrown at him. From his witty one-liners in interviews to dealing with being hit in the groin by a fan on stage. And remember the time he saved a fainting One Directioner fan in a crowd in Brazil.

**5) His A-list pals **

He might be the tender age of 21 but Harry has amassed quite the A-list group of friends. He's pals with Kate Moss, he cooks pancakes with Cindy Crawford and at the British Fashion Awards we saw David Beckham seek Harry out to say hello. He's also besties with Nick Grimshaw - who seems to know absolutely everyone so there's little doubt there will be a few familiar faces at Harry's Birthday celebrations.

If you need to bump up numbers Harry, we're on standby.

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