We Value Friendships Far More Than Salaries At Work, According To A New Study


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More than six in ten of us value happiness over salary at work, and over half believe having a close workplace friend is important, according to a new survey that sheds light on the need for a warm, collaborative office atmosphere.

Events company Wildgoose grilled employees from 120 businesses across the UK.

Their results show that the majority of us believe happiness is the most important quality at work, with women (80%) prioritising it more than men (50%).

And we change how we feel about money as we progress up the ranks.

Around 85% of managers view salary as the most significant aspect of their job, whereas those in entry-level positions choose happiness as the number one factor.

The role of other people is influential, too.

Nearly 60% of those surveyed say that having a best friend in the office makes their working lives happier and more fun, while over one in five believe having a 'work wife' makes them more creative.

An in-house Helter Skelter is among the perks offered to staff at IT company Peer1 in Southampton* ©Instagram

The results "highlight just how important the office mood is in daily operations," says Wildgoose spokesperson Mandy Chase.

"The benefits of creating an environment where colleagues are friends far outweighs the effort involved. 11% of those surveyed stated they currently don’t have a best friend at work, but would like one.

"Managers who work to help foster these friendships, stand to benefit as their employees are likely to be more productive and creative as a result."

Of course, many companies are already well aware of the importance of fostering a fun and collaborative environment.

Google, which has offices in London, is famous for its perks, which include pool tables, bowling alleys, free food and gym memberships.

The tech giant also employs a chief happiness officer whose sole job is to keep employees happy and maintain productivity.

The folks at London-based PR agency Topline Communications have their own office dog - who always get in the party spirit ©Instagram

Other, smaller companies are following the path laid by innovative Silicon Valley firms.

B2B PR agency TopLine Comms offers a massage service, whereby employees have access to therapists and a relaxing range of treatments on a regular basis.

The London-based business also has an office dog (above), who dresses up for special occasions.

Employees at IT company Cogeco Peer 1 in Southampton enjoy a host of amenities encourage work-place mates, including a gigantic helter-skelter slide, a cinema, a treehouse and an in-house pub.

eCommerce company eWAY, based in Edinburgh, has an "anti-stress" office beagle, along with an office pool table, beer fridge and friendly communal kitchen (below).

The ecommerce experts at eWAY in Edinburgh have an 'anti-stress' office beagle, along with pool tables, beer fridges - and a slick communal kitchen ©eway/Instagram

Travel website Expedia is currently the best place in the UK to work, according to an anonymous survey of 1,000 employees by jobs site Glassdoor.

The business was praised for its great leadership, flexible working options and the fact that all workers are encouraged to have a say in how the company is run.

Meanwhile, software company Huddle is officially the workplace with the best perks; it offers its employees a £5,000 joining bonus - otherwise known as a "Huddle Cuddle".

And Airbnb is high up on the list, dur to the fact that it gives employees a £1,280 budget to travel the world and know their product, so to speak.

But having fun at work doesn't have to be expensive.

In this latest study, the majority of people - 37% - agree that good old after-work drinks is the best way to make pals in the workplace. And we can all get on-board with that...

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