Guy ‘Syncs’ Period With His Best Friend. Has To Take Sick Days. Really.

George Fellows gets sympathy pains at the same time as best friend Amber May Ellis gets her period.

Guy 'Syncs' Period With His Best Friend. Has To Take Sick Days. Really.

by Jess Commons |

Meet George Fellows. George is 22. George is a student at Reading University. George lives in a house with three girls. George's best friend is called Amber-May. George is so close to Amber-May that George has now apparently 'synced' periods with Amber-May.


According to The Sun, George a 'self-confessed hypochondriac' gets pains at the same time of the month as his best friend Amber-May Ellis, 21. Although George's are worse. So George needs to take sick days while Amber just 'gets on with it'.

'I was at uni one day when they suddenly kicked in,' George said about his period pains. 'I'm a bit of a hypochondriac so I panicked. Amber made an off-the-cuff comment saying, "I'm on my period at the moment, now you know how I feel."'

George, being a brave little soldier, shook the pains off as nothing but then, lo and behold, they returned the following month 'like clockwork'.

'After three months, we knew something was up.' He said.

It's not just the phantom period pains that affect George though. Oh no. He also gets 'super emotional' and once he cried at an Amazon advert. 'I was an absolute wreck'. He said.

TBF, George does get a lot of stick from people who don't believe him who say things like 'Shut up, George, no you don't.' His mum too thinks it's 'ridiculous'.

The friends are soon set to part ways. University is nearly finished and the duo are set to head back to their parents' homes in London and Norwich. So, will the period pains stop? 'It'll be a relief for me if they do!' Said George. 'I didn't sign up for period pains when we became friends.'

Fingers crossed George's ailment disappears then. How awful for the poor chap if his monthly cramps and emotions stuck with him for LIFE. What a terrible thing that would be.

It's not the first time the friends have made their way into the headlines. They've got rubbish taste in tattoos. Not only do they both have 'banter' tattooed on themselves in Windings Font (again, really), Amber also got herself a tattoo of Ian Beale on her leg and ended up in, again, The Sun.

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