Guy Goes Above And Beyond To Meet His Suggested Facebook Friend

What happens when you take Facebook literally


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You know those guys that pop up in the right hand corner of your screen when you’re on

he posts on his page, but either way, Victor decided to track him down. In Austin, Texas. Five thousand miles away from home.


Victor asked Neal to be friends on Facebook before he set off, but Neal never responded, so he and his friend Bram travelled to Austin with a picture of Neal and started asking around. After a week (including a false start where some dude thought he might be a spiritual leader called ‘Osho’), the boys happened upon a bookshop where Neal likes to hang out.

The owner invited them back for an event Neal was sure to be attending and the three finally met in person in what’s possible the most adorable film in amateur filmmaking of all time (flick to 11:09 to see).

‘I came all the way from Belgium to find you,’ Victor says. ‘We’ve been looking for you for about a week. Bascially, I just want to be your friend,’ before revealing his ‘Neal D Retke for President’ T-shirt. Because that’s the length they went to.

Anyways, you can watch the whole documentary the guys made below, which includes what the guys got up to in the three weeks following that they spent with Neal before returning home.

In this scary world we live in, thank God for people like Victor and Neal who keep us trucking along.

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