Government Quietly Drops Silly Fox Ban Repeal

Wildly unsuccessful government promise will probably never happen now...

Government Quietly Drops Foxing Silly Fox Ban Repeal

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Remember when Theresa May called a snap election so that she could win a bigger majority government for the Conservatives and give the nation strong and stable politics then it backfired tremendously leaving her with a minority government that needed propping by the DUP?

Ok well, remember that classic bit when, in the lead up to that election, she promised to let all MPs have their say on fox-hunting, meaning that fox hunting could have a comeback?

Well, didn't seem like a very popular policy at the time, and it was cited as a major reason that many - far more than expected - didn't vote for the Conservatives.

And it's proven so unpopular that it's quietly been dropped from the agenda altogether, making it a huge manifesto U-turn - the second this week, and it's only Tuesday, after it was revealed that government plans to drop free school lunches were dropped like a buttery piece of toast.

Catherine West, a Labour MP, wrote to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs whether fox-hunting would still have a chance of a comeback. In a response seen by The Independent, Theresa Coffey, one of the department's ministers, responded - presumably through a mouthful of humble pie - 'The government’s manifesto includes a free vote on the Hunting Act 2004, but we are not planning to bring forward a free vote in this session'

Looks like the foxes are free to roam again. Well, free to be shot at by farmers' guns instead of being torn limb from limb by a bunch of gee'd up bloodhounds...

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