We Google Image Searched Loads Of Jobs To See If It’s All As Sexist As ‘CEO’

If you google 'CEO' you get loads of old white men. We googled loads of other jobs - here are the results...

We Google Image Searched Loads Of Jobs To See If It's All As Sexist As 'CEO'

by Stevie Martin |

A recent study found that when you Google 'CEO' you get loads of old white men. In fact, no women apart from CEO Barbie. While Google image search is mainly a reflection of society, it just serves to strengthen prejudice; if a young girl Googles it as part of a school project, then is she going to be motivated to become a CEO, or will she think 'Ah, no, not for me'? Even if on a subconscious level, it's the latter. But how does Google fare with other jobs? We searched some careers and put together a gallery of what one of the world's most influential companies thinks a 'Nurse' and an 'Engineer' looks like.

Some will surprise you, some really won't.


Google Image Jobs

Train Driver
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As expected, don't become a train driver unless you're an old, jolly, white man OK?

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Repeat after us: women are nurses, men are doctors, women are nurses, men are doctors

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Only those who look like joke barristers are allowed to be barristers. It makes up roughly 50% of the qualification.

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Good to see some female scientists alongside the male ones - sure, they all look like models, but it's a start.

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You can be a manager if you're a woman and you're sexy - plus, if you're a male manager, your employees might start growing out of your arms. So watch out for that.

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Depressingly, absolutely no female comedians make the first page of Google. Are women funny? More like, is anyone giving women a chance to be funny?

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There's the odd female police officer, but best left to the men, luv. They look better in those silly hats.

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Surpisingly, a few female chefs have made the cut amid the cartoon versions - but there are still way more guys cooking your food than women. But we thought their place was in the kitchen? Obvs not.

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It's not just men designing our buildings (and bridges) - women are getting involved too. Not TOO much though. Just a bit involved.

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