The ‘Girls’ Guide To New York: 8 Hipster Spots To Visit In The Big Apple

The 'Girls' Guide To New York: 8 Hipster Spots To Visit


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Sex and the City turned New York’s West Village into a tourist mecca. Now another show about four New York women has taken over the mantle. This time, Brooklyn and Downtown’s cool spots are the stomping grounds for Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa, who make the city look like the only place to be. It’s no wonder Girls fans want to map their every movement, with news that On Location Tours(the company behind the Sex and the City tour) is in talks with HBO to plan a Girls bus tour. Until then, do it yourself with Grazia’s guide to the series’ finest locations...

1. Cafe Grumpy

This is the coffee snob’s café in Greenpoint, which, in real life as on screen, is filled with beardy boys bent over laptops. It’s also where Hannah works as a barista, alongside the chronically cynical Ray .193 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn

2. Bushwick Place

Once a wasteland, this Brooklyn ’hood is now full of galleries. It’s the setting for the ‘Crackcident’, which sees Shoshanna bolting through the streets skirtless after smoking a dodgy substance.

3. The High line

Since Chelsea’s old railway line was repurposed into a garden, it’s become a classic date destination for New Yorkers. This is where cocky artist Booth Jonathan drags Marnie in Season 1.

4. The Jane Hotel

The palm-filled lounge of The Jane is the party spot of Downtown’s fashion crowd, so it makes sense it’s also where Hannah’s frenemy, Tally, has her book party. 113 Jane Street, West Village

5. Weather Up

This speakeasy is too cool even to have its name outside. And too cool, it seems, for Hannah. In Season 1, she tells a prospective employer, ‘I object to any bar that calls its bartenders “mixologists”.’ 589 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn

6. Spoonbill & Sugartown

Williamsburg’s indiest book shop is where we see Hannah frolicking in the shelves with new man Sandy in Season 2. A staffer said to Grazia of its new-found fame, ‘No one really cares.’ That’s so Brooklyn. 218 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

7. Hannah’s apartment

hannah's apartment, girls, new york

Hannah lives here with Marnie in the first season, then Elijah in the second – but never Adam, who she split with after an argument about moving in together. I_ndia Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn_

8. Babycakes Bakery**




****What could be more hipster than a vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher bakery? In Season 1, Babycakes is where Shoshanna makes a date with an old flame. 248 Broome Street, Lower East Side

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