This Girl Wrote Her Boyfriend Some ‘Rules’ For His Holiday In Magaluf

Kieran Lumsden reckons his girlfriend 'took psychoness to a new level'. Nice.

This Girl Wrote Her Boyfriend Some ‘Rules’ For His Holiday In Magaluf

by Chemmie Squier |
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If you’re looking for a relaxing, wholesome summer holiday, Magaluf probably shouldn’t be top of your list – although the rest of Mallorca is an absolute dream.

Known as the destination for post-A Level celebrations, hen parties, stag dos and it’s general ethos of debauched behavior, it’s pretty clear that if you’re going on holiday to Magaluf you’re not looking for a ‘quiet one’, although authorities are starting to clamp down on drinking. More recently Spanish police have been ‘raiding’ party boats to keep them in check.

One guy who recently headed to the island is Kieran Lumsden who, before leaving tweeted what his girlfriend, Whitney, had given him as a going away present: a set of 10 rules to abide by, saying that had ‘took psychoness to a new level’.

In case you’re wondering how Kieran’s holiday went, we're judging by the following that he had a pretty great time.

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