This Girl Started A Walk of Shame Shuttle Bus To Pick Up Her Friends In The Morning

And now VH1 want to turn the format into a TV show..


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Waking up in an unfamiliar bed, not knowing the person we’ve ended up with well enough to have a set of clothes at theirs and certainly bereft of the cash necessary to get a cab all the way back home listening to Magic FM on full blast, we’ve all, at some point in life, been faced with the inevitable: the walk of shame.

Not these girls at the University of Michigan, though. They have their friend Kellyann Wargo on hand to drive them home after an impromptu sleepover at any location less familiar than their own beds.

Why? ‘Being the only one in my friend group that had a car and was willing to wake up before 8AM to do a pre-app round of “find my friends”,’ was what first gave Kellyann the idea of doing a pick-up. ‘My girlfriends would repay me in McDonald’s hash browns, but believe it or not, I actually got to a point where I couldn’t take any more fast food and preferred money.’

It’s gone so well, Kellyann has decided to offer it out to strangers, as well as friends. ‘Then it hit me: if I can get money out of my friends, I can definitely make money off strangers.’

Charging them $5 (£2.96) a pop, she thought it was such a fun idea that she made a spoof commercial for her services. You can watch it here:

We’re hoping that the video is a spoof, because so many of Kellyann’s comments are unnecessarily insulting to the women she’s apparently making money from, and she’s basically the uptight sort of friend that no-one really wants around apart from when they bizarrely offer to do favours for you. But the basic idea – talking to girls on their way home from a night of sex – is so interesting that VH1 are turning it into a reality show.

And instead of insulting her friends, as she does in the video, Kellyann was at least lot more positive about the business than the spoof video’s character, explaining: ‘I love swapping ledge-dancing stories, comparing scars from tripping in heels, the craziest place you took your spanx off- it is the source material!’

As well as racking up over 300,000 views on YouTube, the service is so popular that it’s getting bigger: ‘I am expanding business to Miami, Los Angeles, and Boston! I wish I could be everywhere at once, but other drivers are necessary at this point. Luckily my standards for employees are higher than my standards for guys, so expect some really fun, smart drivers.’

This all sounds great, but our only request when it comes to this show, is that, firstly, Kellyann is less of a mean girl, and second of all, that somewhere along the line, VH1 change the title from Walk Of Shame to the Stride Of Pride. Because why should anyone feel ashamed of a little bunk-up?

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