Girl Makes Boyfriend An Easter Egg Out Of Bacon. Fry Up Police Approve

Actual eggs inside a bacon Easter egg. No chocolate in sight.

Bacon easter egg

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Speaking as someone who received no, I repeat no Easter eggs/treats/celebratory food this year (sob), I am absolutely blown away by the amount of effort one girl put in to create this breakfast masterpiece for her boyfriend on Easter Sunday.

Jordan Francombe submitted a photo of his girlfriend’s creation to The Fry Up Police (am I the only one who didn’t know this was a thing?), who shared the pictures on their Facebook page over the Easter weekend.


When you're girlfriend makes you an Easter egg out of woven streaky bacon and then fills it with fried eggs, sausages,...

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The FUP (they even have an acronym?!) commented: ‘When you’re girlfriend makes you an Easter egg out of woven streaky bacon and then fills it with fried eggs, sausage, beans and hash brown… Jordan Francombe is a lucky guy.’

At this moment, die hard chocolate fans are probably shaking their Cadbury filled heads at the idea of eating anything other than a chocolate egg first thing on Easter morning, and yeah I’m with ya guys. But you have to admit, this is pretty damn impressive.

Now, lets talk construction. By the looks of things, unnamed masterful girlfriend used a sausage and bread wall to support the bacon, and bean base with a hash brown bed to cushion the eggs. Genius. I haven't put that much thought into a meal since spelling my name in alphabetti spaghetti.

I think it pretty much goes without saying that the comments on the Facebook posts were full of mixed reviews. A guy called Steve said ‘Mate, put a ring on that finger now!’, while many were horrified at the idea of baked beans touching the wrong things and sausages being cut in half.

So there you have it, a sterling example of celebratory breakfast food art, a possible marriage proposal, a hearty debate into the correct composition of a fry up and an introduction to the Fry Up Police. If that doesn't say Happy Hungover Bank Holiday Monday, then I don't know what does.

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