Girl Finds A Stranger Who Looks So Identical They Could Totally Be Twins

Niamh Geaney, 26, searched for her lookalike out of ‘human curiosity’…

Girl Finds A Stranger Who Looks So Identical They Could Totally Be Twins

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Ever got a text from someone saying they’ve seen someone who looks exactly like you? Ever get photos taken from a TV texted to you asking what you were doing on Channel 4 when really it was someone who’s got the same nose as you?

Even if it’s a crap match, it’s always kind of thrilling to know that there’s someone out there with a similar face to you.

That’s why Niamh Geaney, a 26-year-old student and TV presenter and her mates Harry and Terence set up a mission called Twin Strangers. They all wanted to find someone who looked like the selfies they took; their respective face matches. Each of them sent out Facebook requests to find the Twin Stranger, reports The Sun.

The Facebook request got out across the social network and soon Niamh got submissions from around the world. But the match she found who best reflected, well, her face? She was living just an hour away. Karen Branigan, 29, is also Irish, and also has Niamh’s blue eyes and brown hair and heart-shaped face.

They met up to take photos for the project, and Niamh couldn’t keep her eyes off of Karen: ‘For the entire duration of our encounter I pretty much stared at her.

‘I couldn’t get over her face, and some of the expressions she would pull I would think to myself or say aloud, “Oh my God, that’s my face.”’

They got on ‘very well’. Obviously they compared notes on their beauty regimes, seeing as they look exactly the same. Niamh adds that it’s just as bizarre as it looks: ‘Can you imagine how surreal it would be to meet someone who looked exactly like you?’

If this is too freakishly uncanny for you to bear, then maybe you could be happier as one of the unlucky ones. Harry and Terence are still searching for their doppelgängers, and have until 27 April to complete the mirror-face mission.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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