Suffer From Hay Fever? This Is Why Drinking Gin This Summer Is Your Best Option

*Cracks open a bottle of Tesco’s own brand gin under desk*

Suffer From Hay Fever? This Is Why Drinking Gin This Summer Is Your Best Option

by Alyss Bowen |
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Hay fever, to put it simply, is a little bitch. She likes to roll around just as the sun comes out, when you’re ready to sit in a field doing nothing but drinking beers and lighting badly made portable BBQ’s.

Not one to let you enjoy yourself, she clings on until the last days of summer are upon us, laughing at how miserable she’s made your nose, eyes and probably all other body parts in sight. Hayfever is the devil, but apparently, gin is the cure so…drinks, anyone?

A study conducted by Asthma UK discovered that clear spirits, like gin (or vodka if you’re not a gin fan – but who are you?) is the best drink to drink all summer long if you still want to enjoy a few bevvies.

If you’re a sufferer, you’ll know that most drinks makes your hayfever ten times worse – so sipping on a glass of vino after a long day slugging it out in the office isn’t normally the best thing to do. However, due to their low histamine content, clear spirits might be your best option. Unlike red wines and beer, alcohol like gin and vodka are distilled without sulphites, which means they’re easier to drink if you suffer from leaky eyes.

WHAT IS THIS NEWS? THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH. HAY FEVER FRIENDS REJOICE. Ok ok, we overeacted, your hayfever won’t be cured, we’re sorry. You will most likely still suffer from the whole itchy eyes, running nose thing. But if you do want to carry on drinking throughout the summer, put down the wine as it's just making it worse, and remember, gins your gal.

Cracks open a bottle of Tesco’s own brand gin under desk

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