We Could Be Getting An Extra Day’s Bank Holiday This Year For The Queen’s Jubilee

This is not a drill...

We Could Be Getting An Extra Day's Bank Holiday This Year For The Queen's Jubilee

by Chloe Gray |

Fancy a free day’s holiday? No, this is not a pop-up ad congratulating you on being our one millionth reader, but just some news about Rosindell's Queen's Sapphire Jubilee Bill.

Huh? Basically, Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell is calling for a Bank Holiday (read: drinking occasion) in June to celebrate the Queen’s Sapphire Jubilee, saying it would be a “missed opportunity” if we did not celebrate her 65 years on the throne.

Rosindell, who is the MP for Romford, told the Evening Standard we need a day off because this is the first Sapphire Jubilee there’s ever been, and potentially the last one for a while. But he added that he wouldn’t want to do anything against the Queen’s birthday wishes because he understands she is a "very modest" person.

He also added that it's ‘for the young people - I remember the Silver Jubilee as a kid and learnt how important these national occasions are’. Do it for the children, Westminster.

MPs will debate the idea tomorrow, but allegedly Theresa May is already a fan. And if the Prime Minister wants us all to have a day off I guess we will have to accept.

Side note: Rosindell sounds like a fun guy. We might have to move to Romford.

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