If You Get This For Your Boyfriend For Valentines Day We’re Not Talking Any More

Meet the company that'll make an IRL book of your Facebook chats with your loved one


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In case you weren't already painfully aware, Valentines Day, the holiday hated by both singles and couples alike, is a mere four weeks away meaning the next few weeks are going to be filled with people trying to sell you meaningful presents to give your loved ones. If you are in a couple and fancy ending your relationship sharpish or, if you're single and fancy freaking out that guy you had a date with a couple of weeks back then boy, have we got the perfect present for you.

Meet Memeoir, the service that will take your Facebook, Whatsapp and Email chats and put them into an IRL book. Because if anything deserves a place on your already stuffed bookcase, it's the deep and meaningful musings between you and your other half.

According the the company, Memoir was created because 'Having meaningful and deep online exchanges ourselves, we set out to build products that give these conversations the attention they
 deserve.' This is where we differ from the Memeoir creators; we have anything but deep and meaningful conversations online. In fact, I had a little look back at the last couple of messages I had with my boyfriend to see what our Memeoir would look like and it turns out that Romeo & Juliet it is not.

Here goes...

*Friday 14:13

*Boyfriend: call me when you leave work so I know to hang around for you or not xx

Me: Just leaving going straight to lewishsm xx

Boyfriend: ok fox. let me know if you're gonna be early and I'll get an earlier bus x

Me: Not gonna be early should be exactly on time as long as the train isn't a dick xx

Tuesday 16:09

Me: hello

Boyfriend: Hello!

Me: you ok?

Boyfriend: yaaaaa how is your day

Boyfriend: just about to leave work, has been ok. going to rehearsal now. I only slept 4 hours last night, couldn't sleep

Now if you guys don't want to read that written down, grammatical errors and all in bound book form then clearly there's something terribly wrong with you. Oh, and the best part? It's a cool €60 to get your Memeoir made. Bargain.

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