George Osborne Does A Beyoncé In The House Of Commons

The chancellor of the exchequer sure does look a bit sketched out in this clip...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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A couple of weeks back, we brought you footage of Beyoncé looking a bit snoozy/woozy at a basketball game and the ensuing speculation it brought from those most frantic of philosophers – commenters on YouTube.

And now, we have another bit of odd footage for you. This time it’s of someone in a very different front row. No, no, not at a ‘troubled’ actress at a fashion show. It’s George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, at Prime Minister’s Questions!

The besuited Conservative had a far-away distant look in his quivering eyes and a mouth agape at whatever David Cameron was saying, and seemed very terrified to be there.

Maybe he was about to be sick or had that pre-emptive stomach-lurch of inevitable diarrhoea? Perhaps, he was really sad after seeing that the hashtag #CameronMustGo has been trending on Twitter for days now, which is longer than any One Direction competition manages these days.

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It could also be that he was on a cocktail of drugs? Maybe he was trying to get a bit of attention, just like Beyoncé (actually he’s really the Kelly Rowland of the Conservatives, William Hague being the Michelle Williams)?

Or very possibly, he’s just realising how doomed we all are and how ridiculous it is that, in a supposedly civilised society, our best policymakers are a bunch of guys (and the women who’re allowed to come along) jeering at each other in a room for hours on end?

Or the truth really is, for our legal team’s sake, that he’s none of the above. He’s just a guy in parliament. Yup.

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