George Clooney: ‘I’m A Very Lucky Man To Have Met Amal’

George Clooney: 'I'm A Very Lucky Man To Have Met Amal'


by Grazia |

We weren't going to turn down an opportunity to spend some time with the delightful George Clooney - so we jumped at the chance to attend the UK press conference for his latest film Tomorrowland. We're happy to report back that George is just as charming and dreamy int the flesh as he is on the big screen. We enjoyed the oppulent surroundings of the Ballroom at Claridge's as George entertained the room joking about his age, gushing about Amal Clooney and of course his role in the film. Here's six things we learned...

1) Tequila, tequila

George arrived at the press conference wearing a Casamigos T-shirt, the brand he and Rande Gerbe own together. Of course he did.

2) 'I'm a very lucky man to have met Amal'

Most women would consider a mere smile from George like hitting the jackpot but it's clear George is a man very much in love with wife Amal Alamuddin. George gushed and said: ‘I’ve had a very lucky life overall. I’ve been able to do things I never thought I’d be able to do but yes now, it’s a very good time in my life. Yes, I’m having a wonderful time. I’m a very lucky man to have met someone as special as my wife.'


3) He's into 'House work'

They’re doing renovations on their £10million Grade II listed Berkshire manor house: ‘I’m working on my house as we speak.’ The sooner the rennovations are done, the sooner he can call the UK home. Hoorah!

4) Ireland Calling

While George said he had never planned to a holiday with U2’s Bono – contrary to some recent reports – he did concede that he would like to visit the emerald isle soon. ‘I do want to go and I would like to go in the coming months, when it’s warmer.’ Amal is currently in Belfast working on her next case so we’ll no doubt see George there soon.

5) He’s still very much involved in Darfur

Geroge isn't just gorgeous and talented, he's also extremely involved in charity work. Speaking about his humanitarian efforts he explained: 'I go to Sudan often and South Sudan now and Darfur is lightening on fire again. It’s a very difficult time in these places. There has to be some positives and understanding the endeavours that I’ve undertaken, we know we’ll never completely succeed in. It won’t happen until long after I’m dead but I believe that participating is part of the game.'

6) Age appropraite jokes

Despite saying he's happier than ever George was quick to joke about his age. Speaking about why he decided to appear in the film he said: 'They brought me a script and funnily enough said that they had written it with me in mind. I read the description and it said 55year old bitter has been and I thought you wrote that for me? Formerly handsome?

We think you're still handsome George, don't worry.


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