The Most Misguided Breast Cancer Awareness Ads Of All Time

Because not all 'check your boobs for lumps' campaigns were created equally...


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So October is breast cancer awareness month, and all publicity is good publicity, especially when it comes to stuff as universally shit as cancer. We all hate cancer, we all hate breast cancer, and we all need to be way more vigilant about checking our boobs. That doesn’t, however, mean that some adverts don’t totally miss the point in their attempts to grab our attention.

We trawled the internet making sighing noises and confused faces to find the weirdest and, dare we say, worst adverts geared towards making you check your boobs for lumps. But, please hear us loud and clear: adverts for breast cancer are a good thing. All adverts. These ones are just a bit odd.

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Breast cancer awareness

Henry Golding Wants To Check Your Breasts For You1 of 8

Henry Golding Wants To Check Your Breasts For You

What? No, Henry Golding. Get off our boobs. Surely the point of these campaigns is to encourage women to check their breasts, rather than making Henry Golding out to be a right pervy creep?

Pornhub Wants To Save Boobs2 of 8

Pornhub Wants To Save Boobs

Er, Pornhub. That's all, really. Because, as we all know, breast cancer mainly affects men who like porn.

Charity Boob Fondling3 of 8

Charity Boob Fondling

Alright so this admittedly wasn't for breast cancer (it was for AIDS), but deserves a mention because people could fondle porn stars' boobs in return for donations to STOP!AIDS. I mean, seriously.

Sexy Woman Gets Naked4 of 8

Sexy Woman Gets Naked

This French campaign just looks like an excuse to get an attractive woman to take her top off. It's essentially just 'Oooh look at these boobs' with a charity stamp at the end. And we don't feel that cool about it, tbh.

Aww My Balloon's Popped!5 of 8

Aww My Balloon's Popped!

There's nothing wrong with this ad by PENCIL from Kuwait, but it feels a bit... trivial. Like losing a boob is as disappointing as one of your balloons popping. Which it isn't. No, not even if you're three years old.

Because, Again, Breast Cancer Is All About The Men6 of 8

Because, Again, Breast Cancer Is All About The Men

Nothing like a breast cancer awareness campaign that features only men, eh? Saudi Arabia, shame on you.

Yeah, We Get It! Women Have Nothing To Do With Breast Cancer! WE GET IT!7 of 8

Yeah, We Get It! Women Have Nothing To Do With Breast Cancer! WE GET IT!

From a Chilean agency, this campaign is called 'Por Amor a las Tetas' (translation: for the love of boobs), which just about sums it up. The video essentially shows loads of supersexy boobies in a bid to scare men into donating for charity lest cancer take them away. Tasteful.

A Mousemat That Doubles As A Pair Of Tits8 of 8

A Mousemat That Doubles As A Pair Of Tits

Because this mousemat created to remind women to feel their breasts won't be bought (and spaffed on) by pervy teenagers at all, will it? Less raising awareness, more... gross.

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