FYI You Can Now Send An IRL Version Of The Best Emoji To People In The Post

Because who doesn't want an aubergine with a personal message written across it?!

FYI You Can Now Send An IRL Version Of The Best Emoji To People In The Post

by Zoe Cassell |
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The popularity of the aubergine emoji has sparked a new viral trend; sending messages written on aubergines in the post to your nearest and dearest.

The website EggplantMail, which is currently up for sale due to overwhelming demand, boasts the tagline: '100% Phallic. 100% Anonymous. 100% Disturbing.' Erm okay.

Until recently, Eggplant Mail allowed you to post an aubergine ('eggplant' if you're American, 'penis emoji' if you're a twat who's never seen a vegetable) with a 16 word message scribbled across it to anyone in the world for just £6.99. Bargain if you ask us.

You could send make up aubergines, break up aubergines, birthday aubergines, even, as one person decided to do, stalker aubergines (not recommended). The possibilities are endless.

Set up by a mysterious man of the web - known only as Jack - the Eggplant Mail site is currently up for sale so cannot be accessed for it's phallic vegetable mailing service. A message on the website reads: 'I started this as a silly dare, but now the webiste has gone viral I can't keep up with the demand. Too many people are asking me to mail phallic fruit for them. It's fun but it's also distracting me from my job.'

'My name is Jack and this was all an accident.'

Should you wish to buy this bizarre website, you can place a bid here. The current bid stands at $100 but who knows how high the bids will get. This could be the Picasso bidding of our generation (probs not).

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