Former Assistant Exposes Sexism in The Premier League

Former assistant Rani Abraham says she had a duty to women to speak out about the chief executive's sexism


by Sophie Cullinane |
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Former personal assistant Rani Abraham has exposed the deep routed sexism in the Premier League by sharing emails between Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore and his business associates with jokes about ‘gash’, ‘big-titted broads’ and ‘female irrationality’. Really nice chaps.

Rani, 41, is a former law student with 14 years’ experience as a personal assistant. She told The Mirror:‘I had a duty to speak out. If I didn’t then I’d somehow be condoning his behaviour. Mr Scudamore has a huge amount of influence and is paid a vast sum of money and has behaved wrongly.’

Since Rani told her story, she has been on the receiving end of a Twitter backlash, with many people claiming she is overreacting to what was just a bit of fun. She has (rightly) responded saying: ‘I’ve worked for big organisations like Vodafone and Orange previously and never seen anything like this.

‘Despite what some people have said since the Sunday Mirror printed the story last week, this is not the sort of thing that goes on in offices these days.

‘And for those people who’ve attacked me by saying they were just “jokes” – I wonder how they would feel if their wife or girlfriend or daughter had to read messages like that?

‘And how would they feel if those messages were written about their wife or girlfriend or daughter?’

We think she’s got a point...

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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