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Of course there’s a subreddit dedicated solely to the appreciation of Taylor Swift’s armpits (with over 1,000 subscribers, it’s really hot right now), because the internet is a playground of wild and wonderous things. And weirdos. Taylor happens to have a fair few subreddits dedicated to her – here are our faves, in case you want to join in. Or lurk around and have a bit of a laugh. Or feel a bit strange.

For anyone who doesn’t frequent Reddit – the freedom-of-speech corner of the net where users are free to post about whatever comes into their pretty little heads – subreddits are message boards on a particular topic that could cover literally anything you care to think of. From fish screaming to dragons having sex with cars. Yep.

I Knew Goats Were Trouble

Basically a forum where every post must contain ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ or screaming goats. Or, ideally, both of these things. While it’s obviously declined in popularity since the release of the single back in 2012, this is a great resource for anyone looking for a definitive list of I Knew You Were Trouble remixes. Oh, and goats, too, of course – our favourite goat/IKYWT mash-up probably being the eponymous I Knew You Were A Goat When You Walked In.

Psychotic Taylor Swift Thoughts

Because not everyone believes her girl-next-door vibes and wholesome ’tude. Here, people are encouraged to write the most psychotic things they can think of over the top of images where Taylor looks like a sweetheart. For example, ‘I wash my hair with the bloody of my enemies,’ or a shot of Taylor on a beach overlaid with the words, ‘That moment... when a tide takes a body out to sea.’ Amusing, if you like your laughs pitch black.

Taylor Swift’s Lower Right Canine

Dedicated to Taylor’s lower-right canine. As in, her tooth. Although it isn’t clear whether this is actually what subscribers discuss, because the moderators have set the group to private and we’re too scared to go in. In case it’s a trick. Let us know if you manage it?

Taydolf Swiftler

Where fans can overlay images of Adolf Hitler with Tay lyrics/quotes – and vice versa – for others to guess who actually said it. There are a fair few Taylor Swift/Adolf Hitler mash-ups if you want to have a hunt around, but this is one of the most prolific. Oh, and it’s actually pretty difficult to guess correctly.

Taylor Swift Holding A Cat

Self explanatory and summed up by the subreddit bio, ‘Because why not.’

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