‘The Fish Looked Really Lonely’ And Other Stuff We’ve Cried At During Our Periods

Also including: crying because you can't get the blu-tack off the wall...


by Jess Commons |

Ah, periods. Wonderful periods. The signal of burgeoning womanhood, the biological tool our fair sex has been gifted with to enable our part in the reproductive cycle, and the stupid thing that keeps you on the sofa hugging a hot water bottle in tears over old Grand Designs episodes for four days a month.

‘But, I (sob) just don’t understand (sob) *why *her husband had to spend the money on her dream conservatory on free-standing fireplace. LIFE IS SO UNFAIR.’

Obviously, you having your period doesn’t give anyone the right to take you less seriously during those few days (and seriously, fuck anyone who dares to suggest your *slight *overreaction to there being no milk left is down to your hormones) but, if you think back, and are truly honest with yourself, there’s probably one or two times you’ve done something a little bit, erm, weird.

Yesterday over on Reddit, user Motherofpearl89 admitted to crying for 20 minutes over a documentary about motorways; terrifying her father and their pet parrot and only feeling placated when her boyfriend made her a pillow fort. He sounds awesome, BTW.

Other users joined in and it was all terribly funny. There was the girl who cried because her ball of wool was so pretty, then the girl who cried because she couldn’t decide if oranges went in the fridge or not, and the lady who cried becase she forgot to water her cactus before realising that cacti don’t need watering and then she cried because of that. Oh, don’t forget about the girl who cried because she saw a little bottle of vodka next to a big one.

My favourite input though is from the lady who stood at the meat counter and cried because she watched everyone buy the ‘chuck’ (braising) steak rather than the sirloin, even though the sirloin was on sale.

So, I asked Team Debrief (and some of my other friends) what their most ridiculous crying on their period stories were. As per usual, they did not disappoint....


One time I had a dream that my boyfriend cheated on me. When I woke up I confronted Real Him about the actions that Dream Him had taken. He refused to apologise for Dream Him and I cried.


I cried because I had an argument with my boyfriend over nothing and I knew it was over nothing but I couldn’t back down. So I cried.


I cried because a fox was sat on the car bonnet and I didn’t want to go round it to get into the house.


I cried because my boyfriend suggested that Facebook wasn’t the most efficient method for getting people to come to a house party. Also, my boyfriend can track my periods because I cry about climate change.

**My friend Hannah

**I cried because I couldn’t find the right episode of Midsommer Murders.


I watched this video and convinced myself that the hamster is singing its death song and at the end it dies and so I cried.


Once I saw a lone fish in a small fish bowl in a hairdressers and cried because I was genuinely upset that the fish might be really lonely and he wasn’t in the ocean with all the other fish.

Emma part II

One time when I couldn’t get blu-tack off my bedroom wall, my housemate found me in a ball on the floor, crying.

**My mate Sarah **

I cried because the guy I like was texting me too much and then not enough. And when I stained my sheets by getting drunk and spilling chicken nuggets on them.

Tell us what you’ve cried about on Twitter please. The more ridiculous, the better.

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