4-Month-Old Fiona The Hippo Is Here To Brighten Your Day

She's an internet sensation.

4-Month-Old Fiona The Hippo

by Arianna Chatzidakis |
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In a world full of depressing news, The Debrief team are here to brighten your day with clips of internet sensation 'Fiona The Hippo'.

This baby Nile hippo - who was born six weeks premature - resides in the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. She was born in January and weighed only 29 pounds, which is relatively low compared to the average hippo birth weight of 55-100 pounds.

The zoo and Fiona's carers have been posting updates and video clips since her birth, and the latest video has gone viral, simply because it's so damn cute:

While the baby hippo was initially wary of the bubbles, she did hang around long enough to give them a good inspection. The zoo said: 'What are bubbles? Fiona isn't sure! Caring for our animals includes providing them with enrichment, and Fiona's care team is introducing her to new stimuli like bubbles and cardboard. She wasn't a huge fan of the way bubbles felt on her skin and tried to rub it off. Cardboard, however, has become one of her favourite things to wear!'

Apparently the baby hippo is also a big fan of naps, and we're liking her more and more by the minute:

While Fiona has not yet been allowed outside to meet her fans, she will most likely be making an appearance very soon. In the meantime, she's been keeping busy playing with a water hose, aww.

Fiona has become an internet star in her own right, and rightly so, because she most definitely brightens our day with her cute antics. Can we have more baby hippos in the world, please?

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