Festival Blagger’s Guide: How To Pretend You Were At The Great Escape

How To Pretend You Were At The Great Escape


by Kate Lloyd |
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*This year Grazia Daily's heading across the country (and overseas) to give you the inside scoop on what it's really like to attend the world's biggest music festivals. We'll be giving you the anecdotes and knowledge you need to a) pretend you were there b) decide whether to go next year. *

First up? The Great Escape in Brighton. The three-day event's a go-to for music geeks, industry gurus and anyone keen to spot the next big thing. Headlined by Wild Beasts and Kelis (yay), we headed there this weekend to find out everything you need to know.

1. The music

Yep - the headliners were awesome - but TGE is all about the more alternative acts. Tell your friends you skipped Kelis to see Future Islands and name-drop MØ as your fave act of the weekend. She's just so free-spirited on-stage and her 8pm gig had such a party vibe. Shame she didn't do her Spice Girls cover though.


2. The after-hours

Friday night was spent hanging out at a cheesy but amazing R&B night, but you're not quite sure where.. it's all a bit blurry. On Saturday night you'd stayed out to see Jon Hopkins before heading to a house party your friend who's in a band was holding.

3. The location

The gigs are held in venues around the city, including a pop-up called The Warren which meant you got to stay cozy while watching your fave band. This was great because the weather swung between gloomy and sunny and it was far to blustery for an umbrella. You either stayed at a boutique hotel for a little peace and quiet or you caught the train in from London (it only takes an hour and half) - and had to dash to catch the last train home from the sea front.

4. The celebrities

There were none. This festival's totally about the music babes. You did spot this 'celebrity deathboard' in a pub though. Cheery.

5. The streetstyle

All black everything - and dare we say normcore?! As we said, the crowd at TGE is there for the music and the music alone so the look is low-key but still totes cool. Also layers. It's windy by the sea. You wore jeans and jumper and cool pair of shades.

6. The beauty looks

Equally casual. We're talking beachy waves (obvs), winged liner and bold lips in a whole rainbow of shades. You spotted loads of nose rings though.

7. Overheard..

'I can't go on tour this year because I've got to finish my dissertation..'

8. The food and drink

Since all the venues were in bars - you could pretty much drink whatever you wanted. And you did. Same with food. You spent the first couple of days trying out the many cool vegan and vegetarian restaurants around The Lanes, before caving on Saturday and getting fish and chips.

9. The highlight

Discovering your new fave band after getting taken to a teensy gig by a music PR friend.

10. The lowlight

Deciding to fight your way through the winds to get to the end of the pier and have a go on THIS ride. Fun, but not so kind on your stomach after you'd chowed down on a huge burger and guzzled half a bottle of wine.

***Check out even more streetstyle from the festival in our round-up below... ***


Check out even more streetstyle from the festival round up

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